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My work space; My world.


Yeah, that picture seems like such a clutter, with too many things in such a small space; but let me explain before you judge the book by its cover! The greatest Albert Einstein had said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”. That statement in its self says a lot without the need of a major paragraph to explain it. I very much am extremely cluttered ( I actually cleaned up before i took that picture….hah) but the chaos of my work space is very hard to explain. Though to people (especially my mother) it looks suffocating and dirty with to many things around, but to me? i know where everything exactly is. From every pencil to every paper, every book and even every needle is placed exactly where it needs to be and if asked i can without any afford point or take it out the object, presenting it to anyone without breaking a sweat. Not just that but everything is in my reach. You see I’ve always believed that creativity doesn’t wait for anyone. It comes through on the most inconvenient of times. One can not force it after all. So one should have every thing within reach to seize the opportunity. Everything is just put perfectly in place. To me its a cosy little area that takes me away from the reality of this world. It helps block everything that is around me and takes me on my own trip through creative universe, but who knows? maybe i really am cluttered and unrelated. Who knows?