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This is me; Introductions.


Hello! my name is Mahnur Ahmar, though people usually call me Mani due to the harshness of my real name’s pronunciation. Most of those uncertain of what they should type, tend to mention how they aren’t really that special, and how their hobbies and physical being are mundane and not very unique, However I’m a rather interesting character. Not exceptionally notable, just slightly peculiar, enough to leave a mark on those that cross my way. With my colorfully bright hair most people tend to remember my character if not my name.

Just as my odd personality, my hobbies are strange too. You see i have a lot of small animals in my room. From fish tanks to exotic bird cages. Before you read that and label me some freak animal hoarder you must keep in mind that i am an artist and insallah a future animator, its only by nature that i see the beauty in animal patterns, colors and feathers to inspire me and help me create.

With a colorful personality and an artistic ambitions comes the will to achieve big dreams.


and that is exactly where i’m aiming to be in 10 years. Since a small child i was fascinated with nothing more than the tip of the pencil and the ability to create any one and any thing at will. Over time My passion to pursue the artistic dream grew and grew and now after years and years of struggling, trying to convince my parents about my passion and trying hard to achieve good results through my art, i have ended up here in SAE institute Dubai, polishing my passion even more so in 10 years time i end up being one of the most known animators in my country of Pakistan!